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Video: Nationals Fan Has The Most Appropriate World Series Celebartion Of All Time

Guy Takes Off Shirt After Nationals Win World Series

The Washington Nationals won The World Series. And naturally a fan watching The game 7 in DC had the most natural and appropriate reaction to winning The World Series.


Simply, you got to love this. If my team (Seattle Mariners)  won the World Series I don’t know how I’d react. It defintetly not be as mild mannered or as well composed as this guy. I’d do much more. Just kidding. This was a perfect and epic reaction. And I got to give it to him. This probably meant the world to him and it should! I can’t stress how happy I am for The DC faithful. Look, I know The Nationals are a fairly new franchise but DC has a long and historic sports culture so a World Series well deserved. Hats off to one of the most memorable World Series’ of my life time.

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The Washington Nationals Are World Series Champions

The Washington Nationals Are World Series Champions!

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