These Enormous Athletes Are Terrifyingly Huge


Some athletes have to train long and hard at the gym for years to achieve massive strength and legendary status. Some athletes are just born bigger and larger than life. Regardless, we combined those the hard working and the born bigger than life to showcase the world’s most terrifyingly huge athletes. We went around the whole sports world. From basketball players, to The Olympics and beyond we worked hard to find you the biggest athletes from around the world.

These athletes are so big they defy logic and you’ll be mesmerized by just how big they are. Let’s get started with the first athlete on our list who comes from China. And we’ll end with the last athlete on our list who you won’t want to miss and comes from right here in The United States. Enjoy.

Sun MingMing

Sun Mingming (7 feet 9 inches): Despite his incredible height, Mingming (standing here with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) never made an NBA team. How can someone so large never make an NBA team we wonder. Look how small Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson looks next to Sun MingMing. We have seen the likes of Yao Ming in the NBA before but never have we seen someone as large as SunMingMing.

Sun MingMing

It just goes to show that being tall doesn’t always mean you’ll make the cut! Fortunately, he did find success playing in the Chinese professional league. But he never made the NBA like Yao Ming and never became a household name internationally. But still you can’t deny this is one big athlete. I am not sure what made us say wow more. How big he really was and or how small “The Rock” really is. Because he made one of the biggest and strongest celebreties look tiny.

Konishiki Yasokichi- Sumo Wrestling 

With nicknames like “Dump Truck” and “Meat Bomb,” Konishiki Yasokochi was a force to be reckoned with in the world of sumo wrestling. The massive sumo superstar reached a peak weight of 633 lbs. That;s huge even for a Sumo Wrestler. The nickname dump truck and meat bomb probably confirmed for you just how big this sumo wrestler is.

Konishiki Yasokichi

A native of Honolulu, Hawaii, Yasokochi surprised Japanese fans when he won the top division three times because they had yet to see a foreign sumo wrestler as successful and talented as Yasokochi. Unfortunately, the “Dump Truck” fell just short of becoming the first ever foreign yokozuna, or grand champion. He was so close to being the first one. But it never happened but you can’t deny just how succesful his career was and how big he really was. So make sure you enjoy the rest of this list because we have some of the biggest and most succesful atheltes you’ll ever see. Get ready to have your jaw drop because these guys are the biggest and baddest there really is. Not all of them are natural but all of them will wow you with their size. Here are the biggest atheltes in all of sports.


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