Game Of Thrones? Diego Maradona Coaches Match From A Throne

Today happens to be Diego Maradona’s birthday. The guy is just a straight up legend to soccer fans everywhere. So of course if Diego Maradona wants to coach a game from a god damn throne he can coach a game from a god damn throne. Cause he’s the king. Diego Maradona Throne

[Source] – Diego Maradona was given a hero’s welcome when he returned as a manager to face his old club Newell’s Old Boys in the Argentine first division. 

He only played a handful of times for the side in 1993, but they saw fit to welcome him like a king – even presenting him with a pitch-side throne.

I mean let’s put this in context. Mardona only played a handful of matches for The Newell Old Boys. This would be the equivalent of let’s say Ken Griffey Jr. returning to coach against The Chicago White Sox where he spent less than half a season and being presented with a throne to manage from. It’s absurd. Let’s not forget the heros welcome they gave him upon his arrival to the hotel before the game:


Happy Birthday to Diego Maradona there will never be anyone quite like you again.

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