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Arsenal Captain Was Booed Off Field So He Told Fans To F*ck Off And Threw His Jersey Off

Granit Xhaka Swears At Arsenal Home Crowd

Yesterday, Arsenal was up 2-0 on Crystal Palace and somehow blew the lead at home at The Emirates. Fans were obviously not thrilled with the result. And as Aresnal’s captain Granit Xhaka was coming off the field the fans let him now. And in response he let them know how felt as well by basically telling the fans to fuck off.


Granit Xhaka Jeered Off

You kind of have to laugh here. I mean ok cool. The fans have the right to boo the player. And the player has the right to tell the fans to fuck off. But you got to laugh at Luca Torrerira’s emotional reaction. I mean Granit was just coming out of the game. He wasn’t injured. He isn’t leaving. Soccer in Europe is just different but in a way you got to love it.

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