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Some Dude On Twitter Floats Around Conspiracy Theory On Clemson Football Cheating

Twitter User Claims Clemson Cheats

There’s nothing I like more then conspiracy theories. Especially in College Football where it’s pretty easy to assume that not every program is clean. But this twitter user had a pretty impressive and interesting theory on Clemson football:

I mean if you time traveled here from 25 years ago and woke up and were like “how did Clemson get so good”, you’d probably assume just like most programs that “rise out of nowhere” that it is possible that they may have cheated their way to it. But this is no different then most programs. Now to the second picture in the tweet:

SOURCE-According to CBS Sports’ Matt Norlander, Smith mentioned Clemson’s recruiting methods to defendant Christian Dawkins and an undercover FBI agent.

“That’s why football is so successful, is if you do it and use resources at Clemson, like you can really keep everything tight,” Smith said in the video.

“It’s a small college town,” he later said. “You can come to a game one night, after the game, you see a dude out there in a nice looking suit, you like, ‘wait a minute now.'”

I really don’t think this means anything, and I don’t expect Clemson to get sanctions or investigated because I bet if you dig deep into any college program in the country you can find stories like this. The system is broken and Clemson just like any other program takes advantage of a broken system.

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