NBA Vs. China: LeBron Jersey Being Burnt In Hong Kong + Adam Silver Was Scared China Wouldn’t Let Him In

Protestors In Hong Kong Burning LeBron James Jerseys

The NBA and China fallout is absolutely fascinating. We didn’t highlight the whole story but some of our favorite parts. So check them out. They are fascinating:


[Source] – Now, Silver was flying from Tokyo to Shanghai and was unsure, according to sources, if the Chinese government would even let him into the country.

Silver opened the floor. James raised his hand. His question was related to Morey — and the commissioner’s handling of the Rockets’ GM. James, to paraphrase, told Silver that he knew that if a player caused the same type of uproar with something he said or tweeted, the player wouldn’t be able to skate on it. There would be some type of repercussion. So, James wanted to know, what was Silver going to do about it in Morey’s case?

Silver pushed back, reminding the players that the league never doled out discipline when they publicly criticized President Donald Trump. Morey was exercising the same liberty when he challenged China. Regardless of the financial fallout of one versus the other, that’s not what should matter. Silver might have disliked the ramifications of Morey’s tweet, but he would defend the right to say it.

Wow. I mean imagine the international story we would have heard if Adam Silver got detained in China. It would have been one of the most interesting and crazy international stories in sports history.  And for LeBron.. oh LeBron. LeBron went from being utterly likable to an absolute diva in my eyes. I mean does he not understand what a hypocrite is? He’s an absolute hypocrite unlike one we have ever seen.

[Source] – Kyrie Irving, according to sources who were in the room, questioned whether it was worth playing the games in such a charged environment. He said he was there to play basketball games, and if a requirement for those games was dealing with the fallout Morey’s tweet created, he would rather not play at all.

All I know, it’s hilarious that all these guys are cool making millions in China, and making millions in the NBA and are cool talking about their political stance when no money is involved. But as soon as you touch their pocketbook they freak out and want people fired, and don’t want to play. The best part about hypocrites.. usually they don’t know they are being a hypocrite.

Now in Hong Kong? They are actually burning LeBron James jerseys and mocking him on the streets:

Hong Kong Protests James

Hong Kong Protests James

Hong Kong Protests James

I discussed this on my podcast:

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