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Video: 49ers And Cowboy Fans Get Into Brawl At Cali Buffalo Wild Wings

Cowboys And 49ers Fight Buffalo Wild Wings

Talk about absolute stupidity. On Sunday, The Dallas Cowboys were playing The New York Jets. Meanwhile The San Francisco 49ers were playing The Los Angeles Rams. Somehow, that didn’t keep Rams and Cowboys fans from talking smack to each other and getting into a brawl at a Buffalo Wild Wings in California.

According to the video taker: Some stupid ass 49ers fan got Into a group of cowboys fans talking [shiit]. Honestly we were all minding our own business the guy who got his ass kicked was obnoxiously drunk the whole time we were there…,”

This led to a dumb fight. And the video that was taken above. As I always say these fights are absolutely stupid. Fighting is dumb in general however, fighting over two sport teams whose players really don’t even know you even stupider. And whats the highest level of stupidity? When those two teams don’t even play each other! As always, some fans are dumb.

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