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Seahawks Russell Wilson Overtakes Top Slot As MVP Betting Favorite

Russell Wilson Leads MVP Odds

After an impressive 5-1 start for Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks, the world is taking notice, especially the betting world. Wilson has now taken over Patrick Mahomes as the odds favorite to win MVP for the NFL season.

Wilson has thrown for 14 touchdowns without an interception, leading the Seahawks out to a 5-1 start. He passed for 295 yards and two touchdowns, and also ran for a touchdown in the Seahawks’ road win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. He has accounted for 18 touchdowns this season. Wilson, who has never won MVP and started the season with 20-1 odds to win the award, is now 2-1, just ahead of Mahomes at 5-2 at Caesars Sportsbook.

October 14th NFL MVP Odds


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