Cowboy Fans Start GoFund Me Page To Pay Off Jason Garret’s Contract And Get Him Fired

Cowboy Fans Start GoFund Me To Fire Jason Garrett

The Dallas Cowboys fan base is in panic mode after The Cowboys lost to The New York Jets Sunday and fell to 3-3 after a 3-0 start. Following the 24-22 loss to The New York Jets a Dallas Cowboys fan started a GoFund me page to get Jason Garrett fired and it reads as follows:

“This campaign is on behalf of all the Dallas Cowboys fans who are fed up with Jason Garrett and it’s time we just let him go. We are raising money because we do not want to wait until the end of the season and he should be fired immediately and the money raised will go to the remaining money due to be paid to Garrett. We have some hope to get a coach to fire this team up and salvage us into the playoffs. There is too much talent on this organization to be a 3-3 team and enough is enough.”

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We’ll see if Jerry Jones will hit the panic button if The Philadelphia Eagles beat The Cowboys next Sunday night. I doubt there is any chance Jason Garrett gets fired. But, we have seen crazier things.


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