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Stephen A Quickly Changes Instagram Caption With Clemson Cheerleaders

Stephen A Smith Clemson Cheerleaders

ESPN’s Stephen A smith was at Clemson this weekend. And this morning he posted some photos on Instagram from his trip with ESPN with The Clemson Cheerleaders. You can read the captions for yourself, but I am pretty sure he meant nothing by them. But of course he changed it quick because it’s 2019 and people freak out about everything.



I am pretty sure Stephen A, who seems like an awesome dude didn’t mean to make the caption sound so creepy. But you know how it is these days, he probably changed it because 2019 sucks and people would make it a big deal. Even one of the cheerleaders seems like she enjoyed meeting Stephen A and posted the picture on her Instagram as well.

Yeah we got to say she’s pretty awesome as well :

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It’s game time!!!

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No one upset here!!!! ?

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50 DAYS. #bestever

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