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The Italian Soccer Reporter Who Got Harassed By Fans Says “It Was A Joke, And Everything I Do Goes Viral’

Diletta Leotta Interview

You guys remember the story a few days about Diletta Leotta and how she had a bunch of sexist chants coming her way by Napoli fans? Well the 28 year old reporter says it was a joke and big mis understanding. If you missed the video the crowd was chanting for her to take her shirt off:

In an interview with The Sun Leotta says it was all fun and just the irony of the moment:

[Source] – But Leotta, who anchors Serie A coverage for the subscription sports streaming service DAZN, has told SunSport that she saw the funny side, which is why she smiled, wagged her finger and gave the cheeky supporters the thumbs down.“It was a misunderstanding,” she revealed. “Napoli fans supported me throughout the game, then they tried to go further after Napoli won, but it was just a joke.

“My reaction was part of the irony of the moment.Sometimes it feels like everything I do goes viral,” she said. “If I work out at the gym or dance in a club… So I wasn’t surprised, but I didn’t expect this story to cross so many borders.”

Well of course a lot she does goes viral because she is an absolute gorgeous girl. Nothing beats Europe and their fascinating way they cover sports:

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