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Antonio Brown: ‘Tell The Patriots To Call Me, They Still Gotta Pay Me’

Antonio Brown To Patriots Pay Me

Well, this was interesting. Antonio Brown put out a video on social media today what seems to be a Instagram Live recording. He had had a message for The Patriots because he thinks they still “gotta pay me”.

As far as online networking videos goes this was a 2/10. I mean if he was looking for some sympathy or a new job he didn’t do a great job. At least he’s training and won’t play in the XFL. Antonio Brown is an interesting character; on one hand he’s crazy but on the other hand I am starting to feel bad for him. He could be the best WR in the NFL and he’s not playing this year because of allegations and because he’s a total nut. Seems like he wants to “earn it” so in other words he wants to play. But, oh well. I don’t think we’ll be seeing AB in the NFL this season.

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