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Girl Gets Slammed For Asking Twitter For Help Finding A Guy From The Football Game

Not sure if the internet is completely aware of what year we live in. But it’s 2019. And what do we do in 2019? We over blow everything, we publicly shame people, and overall what we do most is over react and treat people badly. So here’s the story this tweet below went viral on the internet over the weekend from The Tennessee Volunteers versus Georgia Bulldogs football game:

Pretty self-explanatory right? A pretty girl being kind of a creep and putting a handsome young guy on the internet (who happens to be also African-American) and wants help finding the guy instead of being a normal human and asking him out during the game. And naturally before I even clicked on the replies I knew the internet was ready to lose it’s mind. The responses went from funny (which I am totally cool with), to kind of being mean and racial:

Here are some of the funny responses:

But then the internet did what it usually does and tried to spin her off as some sort of bad person by digging up her old tweets and turning this into a racial debate:

Just weird. If anything, she’s sort of a weirdo and everyone spending the time trying to dig up some dirt on her by scrolling down her Twitter timeline for years is a weirdo. But with nearly 14,000 retweets and 43,000 likes I bet she found the guy. So guess what internet trolls? The joke is on you.

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  1. Actually Sami, the jokes on you and her. The man she was looking for replied on twitter and rejected her for not being his type. Jokes on you Sami. Jokes on you.

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