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Video: Deshaun Watson Breaking Down Defenses In His Post Game Pressers Is A Beautiful Thing

DeShaun Watson Breaks Down Defense In Press Conference

After last week’s loss to The Carolina Panthers; Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson broke down the defense of the Carolina Panthers in 66 seconds.

Pretty cool stuff right? Well, looks like it might be a new tradition because this week after The Texans put a good old fashioned whooping on The Atlanta Falcons Deshaun came to the podium and broke down Atlanta’s defense again.

I can’t really explain why, or the reason behind my love watching this. I’m not necessarily some football play calling junkie or a guy who breaks down tape. But watching Deshaun do this is oddly entertaining. Basically Deshaun taking us behind the scenes and finding out what’s going through his head and teammates head is super fascinating. We’ll stay tuned and see if he continues to do this next week; but I sure do hope so.

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