NFL Fines Ben Roethlisberger $5000 For Wearing Apple Watch Last Sunday

NFL Fines Ben Roethlisberger For Apple Watch

Well this must of been a bad week for Ben Roethlisberger… Not only is he out for the rest of the year due to an injury, but now he is also being fined for wearing an Apple Watch on the sidelines, even though he wasn’t playing. The Pittsburgh Steelers blew out the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football, and the win was a much needed one for this team, but Ben got the worst end of it with this fine.

“Roethlisberger is said to be “livid” about the fine and is appealing it, according to sources. But NFL rules ban all electric devices that transmit messaging. Roethlisberger wore the Apple Watch on the sideline during the Monday Night Football game. His issue is that he never received any advanced warning that he could be in violation, only a fine letter for wearing the device — which he didn’t even realize he had on, according to sources.”

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