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Video: Redskins Coach Jay Gruden Partying Hard And Flirting Hard At Party

Jay Gruden Partying

Man, has it been a terrible year for The Washington Redskins and their fans. Luckily for The DC faithful at least their baseball team is playing good. Video emerged of Redskins head coach Jay Gruden partying, smoking what appears to be a joint and hitting on a young women. The video allegedly is from a year ago but according to JP Finlay of NBC Sports The Redskins have declined to comment:

The timing of the video came a few hours after The Redskins named Colt McCoy the starter and also it has been rumored that Jay Gruden is on the hot seat and could be fired after this week. Honestly, I don’t blame him. If I was coaching The Redskins I would need to get pretty lit to go about my life. Have you seen their owner Dan Snyder? Or Their GM Bruce Allen? If you dealt with those people on a daily basis then you’d feel for Jay Gruden.

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