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HS Football Coach Resigns After Violently Pushing Son Who Told Him To ‘Shut Up’ (VIDEO)

Elba High School Coach Pushes Son

Some might say we’ve gotten soft in this world, and I agree, but this one might be too much.. The way this football coach pushed his some might be something of real concern… You can judge for yourself. Should he be able to return to coaching?

Source (CBS42) – Pate Harrison, who resigned from Elba High School on Monday, had been on leave since an incident involving his son at a football game two weeks ago where a video showed him sprinting towards the player in anger and shoving him in the back.

Harrison says he lost his cool after his son told him to shut up, adding that there was no excuse for what he did. An interim head coach, Glen Johnson, will lead the team the rest of the season.

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