In No Abolsute Surprise; Antonio Brown’s Lawyers Are Mad He Acted ‘Reprehensible’ In Court Hearing

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It’s been nearly one full week since we have heard from Antonio Brown and how the receiver has been acting in the world. Well; you probably won’t be surprised to find out he’s been acting crazy as usual. And this time it was in court in his hearing about his condo deposition where he literally trashed a condo.

Source – In a 35-page motion requesting court sanctions this week, an opposing attorney in a property damage lawsuit against Antonio Brown accused the star NFL wideout of “tumultuous tirades”, “defiant rants” and “profane language” that the lawyer claims derailed the taking of a deposition in the case in late September. … According to the opposing attorney, Brown wrecked the proceedings with a litany of “reprehensible behavior”. …

*Arrived nearly 30 minutes late to the deposition.

*Acted “belligerent and pugnacious, refusing to answer the most routine of questions, despite there being no objection to the questioning coming from his counsel.”

*“[C]hanted, over and over, as if a mantra, a narrative of his own warped concept of the proceeding.”

*“Acting as if he was above the rule of law, [Brown] proceeded to make a mockery of the deposition process. [Brown’s] antics were so unreasonable that barely twenty [20] minutes into the deposition, his counsel asked for a break [so] he could speak with [Brown] about his demeanor.”

*“When the deposition resumed, [Brown] began texting on his cell phone. Regardless of multiple requests from his own counsel, and from the undersigned, [Brown] continued texting.”

*“After approximately 20-30 minutes, [Brown] required another break. When the deposition resumed [Brown] increased his level of obstructive behavior. At one point, [Brown] refused to answer any questions, instead saying ‘next question’ no less than 10 times.”

*“Soon thereafter, [Brown] started announcing a countdown, starting at ‘five [5] minutes,’ and counting down the minutes thereafter. Before noon [Brown] left the conference room.”

According to the allegations in the motion, Brown’s lawyer waited a few minutes and then left the proceedings, then returned and announced that Brown had left and “volunteered, to the effect, that Plaintiff’s counsel could now file its motion for sanctions.”

In a way this makes total sense, right? I mean what did you expect Antonio Brown to do in court. Wear a suit and tie? Go in and defend himself and act like an outstanding citizen. Have you seen the guy text message people? This is right on par with AB’s brand and for his lawyers to even think he acted bad.. what did they expect? He was being “belligerent and pugnacious”, that’s what a WR should do; but maybe leave it for the football field rather then the court room.


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