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Oklahoma Cheerleaders Are Told They Aren’t Alllowed To Do Horns Down; Even On Social Media

The University of Texas seems like it wants no part of Oklahoma mocking their “horns up” signal with the “horns down” signal. If you are now familiar with what “horns up” and “horns down” mean let me present this to you:

Horns Up:

And… here is Horns Down:


Looks pretty harmless right? A bit of a rivalry tease that showcases the fun spirit of college athletics. Well, I guess it’s not so fun for Texas as The Oklahoma Cheerleaders are no longer able to do this not even on social media.

SOURCES-OU spirit squad members have been “heavily encouraged” not to perform the “horns down” hand sign at athletic events or on any social media platform, sources within the program have told The Daily. Seven student members from across OU’s spirit teams, including the cheer squad, RUF/NEKS, Lil’ Sis and mascots programs, have told The Daily they’ve been instructed by OU Spirit Coordinator Phil O’Neill not to use the hand sign. The students, some of whom have graduated and some who remain in the program, all shared the information on the condition of anonymity. Their identities are known to The Daily.

Honestly, screw you Big 12. Do you really want a bunch of 18-23 year old kids acting like robots from now on. If I am the cheer squad and the band I am doing this the whole week leading up to the game and doing it the whole time at the game. If Texas hates it.. so be it. Let’s make college sports fun again!



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