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Simply Thank You Felix: Sincerely, Seattle. Plus: Free Money Fives

Felix Hernandez has symbolized my existence as a Seattle Mariners fan. He debuted as a Seattle Mariner at the age of 19 in 2005, I myself was 17 at the time. In a way weird way my friends and I felt like we grew up with Felix. From 2005-Through today we waited patiently for the moment that we would finally see Felix pitch in the playoffs. The moment never came. It was weird to say the least. Usually these stories have a happy ending or a climax. This story didn’t. Looking back at the Felix Hernadez era the perfect game was the climax. We thought the perfect game was just the beginning of things to come. But does it matter really? No. Why? Felix symbolized this time of our lives. From 18-30 you find yourself, you go through ups and downs and it’s a roller coaster ride. And Felix was that. But Felix raw emotions, his raw energy and his passion symbolized baseball in Seattle. Honestly, Seattle; we were lucky to have him. He was a hidden gem in the corner of the country. He was ours. And the rest of the country will never know truly how great Felix was. Thanks King.

As Felix left the field as a Seattle Mariner one last time; We just want to say thank you for the memories. I know Felix you never got to pitch a playoff game in a Mariners uniform. But the memories you made us felt we will never feel again. God Save The King.

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