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Why Do People Care About Their College Alums In The NFL? Plus Free Money Fives

We are going to add this story to the long list of things I do that really piss people off. And today’s tangent is the weird infatuation of people who went to a school then deciding they love that player in the NFL. Specifically this example of The Washington State Cougars alumni and fans love for Gardner Minshew while he plays for The Jacksonville Jaguars here are some examples of what I am talking about:


Alright. So here’s the thing, I get it. It’s exciting for The Washington Cougars to have Gardner Minshew be good. It’s fun. But does it really matter? And why do they care? Honestly, they should root for him but to act like what he’s doing is some indication of success for their football program. And on the flip side, The Cougars infatuation with Huskies alum doing bad (tweets about how good it is to see him doing better than Jake Browning) makes no sense. I am a Washington Husky fan. Maybe I am in the minority here but I couldn’t give less of a shit of if Jake Browning becomes Tom Brady or never plays in the NFL. It is irrelevant to me 100%. This really got me thinking during The Seahawks opener against The Cincinnati Bengals when UW alum John Ross scored two long TDs. I didn’t have a timeline full of husky fans proclaiming TD!!! Go Dawgs! Why? Because it has nothing to do with anything. Good for him but I am not watching Bengals games. I also didn’t see Cougar fans butt-hurt win Will Disley scored two TDs for The Seahawks last week (Even though he is a Husky). Maybe I am on some weird high horse here. Maybe I’m the weird one. But I just don’t get it. Do Michigan fans cheer for Tom Brady on a weekly basis? Do Boise State fans root for The Cowboys since Kellen Moore is an Offensive Coordinator there? Anways on to the picks:


+7.5 DEN @ GB
+6.5 DET @ PHI
+8.5 OAK @MIN
-3 LAR @ CLE
-6.5 SF vs PIT
Last Week: 4-1 
Season: 5-4-1


+3.5 MICH @ WIS
+10.5 STAN vs ORE
+14.5 ND @ UGA
-6.5 UW @ BYU
-5.5 TEX vs OSU 
Last Week: 1-4
Season: 9-9-1

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