The NFL Is Looking Into ‘Intimidating’ Text Messages That Antonio Brown Sent One Of His Accusers

In today’s episode of Antonio Brown turns. The NFL is investigating what are labeled as “intimidating” text messages that he sent one of his accusers:

Antonio Brown texts

Source – A woman who says Antonio Brown made an unwanted sexual advance toward her in 2017 and was fired after not reciprocating received what she characterized as intimidating texts from the Patriots wide receiver on Wednesday night in the wake of a Sports Illustrated story detailing her allegations, according to her lawyer in a letter sent to the NFL on Thursday evening, which included screen shots of the messages. …

On Wednesday night, the woman says, she received a group text message that appeared to come from the same phone number Brown provided to her in 2017. The text chain, with four other phone numbers on it, included photos of her and her children, with the person she believes is Brown encouraging others in the group to investigate the woman. The texter accused the artist of fabricating her account of the 2017 incident for cash. (In her letter to the league, the woman’s attorney repeated that the artist is not seeking remuneration from Brown in connection with the alleged incident.)

The texter described the artist as a “super broke girl” and asked someone he refers to as “Eric B” to “look up her background history.” He then sent a screenshot of an Instagram photo she had posted showing the faces of her young children, adding “those her kids… she’s awful broke clearly.” …

Brown’s lawyer, Darren Heitner, who was included in the group text but did not respond to the messages, said he had not advised Brown to communicate with the woman. He otherwise declined comment.

On Thursday evening, Lisa J. Banks, a lawyer for the artist, sent a letter to the NFL seeking an end to what she termed conduct by Brown that is “intimidating and threatening to our client, in violation of the NFL Personal Conduct Policy.”

Asked via text to confirm or deny the details of the woman’s charge of intimidation, the respondent at the number purported to be Brown’s replied “foh clown.” (“FOH” is a popular acronym for the phrase “get the f— out of here.”)

Included in the group text were three other numbers besides those of Heitner and, allegedly, Brown. In the exchange, two of the respondents agreed to look into the woman’s background.

Yikes. You don’t want to send pictures of the women’s kids. Whether or not Antonio Brown is guilty it seems safe to say that he isn’t a good guy at all. Going to be interesting to see if Brown plays for The Patriots all season.

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