Nike Drops Antonio Brown Amid Sexual Allegations

Guess, who’s in the news today? Did you guess Antonio Brown? Yeah that was right. In today’s episode of Antonio Brown turns, Nike has dropped sponsorpship of AB amid his sexual allegations charge. According to The Boston Globe the athletic brand giant has dropped him from their client roster:

A spokesperson for Nike said Wednesday night, “Antonio Brown is not a Nike athlete.”

Asked multiple times to elaborate on the reason for the decision and clarify its timing, the spokesperson declined. Several signs suggest that recent allegations against the wide receiver served as a catalyst for why the world’s largest sneaker seller would want to disassociate itself from Brown. Three days after the Patriots acquired Brown on Sept. 7, Brown’s former physical service trainer Britney Taylor filed a civil complaint in US District Court in Miami that accuses him of sexual assault stemming from two alleged incidents from June 2017, and rape from a May 20, 2018, incident in Brown’s home in Miami.

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