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Dennis Rodman Says Madonna Offered Him $20 Million To Get Her Pregnant

I think it’s safe to say we are the point that we have to take a grain of salt out of anything that comes out of Dennis Rodman’s mouth. I mean the guy is sometimes believable but most of the time he is not but this one is just too good not to blog about.

PAGE SIX – Madonna was allegedly willing to pay a lot of money to have a baby.Dennis Rodman appeared on “The Breakfast Club” and opened up about his 1993 relationship with the “Material Girl” and said she offered him that amount of money to impregnate her.

“She said, ‘Dennis, you know that I’m ovulating,’” Rodman, 58, recalled the “Vogue” singer saying over the phone. “I said, ‘What is that?’ I was trying to f–k with her, you know?”

Rodman, who was in Las Vegas at the time of the call, flew back in a jet that Madonna sent so he could sleep with her. Afterward, he immediately flew back to Vegas to finish his gambling.

“She asked me that if I got her pregnant, she’d pay me $20 million,” he told Charlamagne tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee. “That’s if the child was born.”

Who knows if this is true or not. It sure doesn’t sound like it but man, Dennis Rodman is an interesting dude. No one wonder Kim Jung Un always wants to hang out with him. We do know that Rodman has 3 kids but as far as we know none are from Madonna. So he didn’t cash in on that $20 million dollars. Oh well, he still got to have a “fun time” with Madonna.


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