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Shaq Spends An Entire Interview Flirting: Tell’s Host ‘Once You Go Shaq You Don’t Come Back’

I’ll admit I know nothing about The Daily Pop or Rosci Diaz. But Shaq was impressed enough to go on the show and not hide the fact he was flirting the whole time:

I mean Shaq really went for it there. And who really is going to stop a man this big?

Honestly, 99% of the time most people would be outraged by this kind of behavior on television. But it seemed like Rosci didn’t mind and when it’s Shaq you get away with a lot more then most people do. Absolutely hilarious. Anways, we looked up Rosci’s Instagram and yeah it makes sense why Shaq was flirting hard:

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#wcw #wce

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??? 20 sec time out …

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