50 Girls That We Can’t Get Enough Of


Sports on Tap loves to highlight amazing sports moments and things that our culture loves. Including our daily highlight of amazing women from around the world. Who are talented and love what they do. We are about to showcase some of our favorites and we hope you enjoy. Please don’t forget to also follow us on Instagram when you get a chance as well by clicking here.

  1. Kinsey

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Mah face ??

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Meet Kinsey who is a freelance model who travels the world and just doing the great modeling shoots. She goes to Bali, Capetown and Los Angeles mostly. She has over 110k followers on Instagram and she’s gorgeous.

Sports on Tap is a digital sports media company designed and made for men. There’s a famous saying that “there are two things that make smart men dumb; women and sports”. So we decided to take women from around the globe that are doing amazing things on the internet and have empowered themselves to make a living using Instagram and other social media and highlight them here on our website. Men love women and sports so Sports on Tap is the best in sports and men’s entertainment.

The next girl on the list is amazing too! We definitely take pride in taking our time to find the best from around the world and try providing the best content so make sure you check out the next girl you won’t be disappointed: And go follow us on our Instagram as well by clicking here. 


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