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Of Course James Harden Is Being Sued For Throwing A Party With A Billion People There In A Rented Mansion

So if I told you James Harden rented a mansion and the rules said no more than 7 guests, would you guess he broke that rule? Well, yeah he did. According to TMZ:

(Source) – A homeowner filed a lawsuit against Houston Rockets guard James Harden over damages that occurred when he rented a Beverley Hills mansion.

TMZ Sports reported the owner, George Santopietro, said Harden paid $82,200 for a weeklong stay at the mansion, signing a rental agreement that said he could not have any more than seven guests. Santopietro said Harden had two parties during the weeklong stay that featured more than 15 people.

He is suing Harden for $300,000, the amount he typically charges for two parties at the $30 million mansion, along with punitive damages.

According to the report, Santopietro attempted to settle with Harden out of court but was rebuffed. He also said neighbors were upset and property damage occurred during the parties. Details on the damages were not made available.


Ok, so the number wasn’t quite a billion. But this George Santopietro guy must be a huge idiot to think that James Harden who likes to party is going to rent his mansion for $82,200 (what the fuck is the $200 for) and not throw a party. What did the dude expect? Usually, I am not on the side of James Harden, but this time I got to admit; this George guy (wish he had a different name since my name is George) is an idiot. Fight for your right to party James.

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