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Episode 1: Sports Are Funny: Talking Antonio Brown Crazy, Dolphin Strippers, And 18 Beers In Carolina

This is episode 1 of Sports Are Funny with George Jarjour. Sports are funny is a new podcast from Sports on Tap that highlights the comedic side of sports. In the future of this podcast we will be interviewing comedians alongside with rants and stories from myself that tell the fun and outrageously hilarious side of sports. Episode 1 featured a rant about Antonio Brown plus some fun tweets from the internet to put The AB saga in perspective, The Miami Dolphins tailgate turning into a strip club, and a man in Carolina drinking 18 beers. I included all the visuals and stories in the show notes. Sports Are Funny will be available on all podcast networks but episode 1 is currently available on The Anchor App and Spotify.

Show Notes and visuals :

Story about guy who threatened to shoot Patriots fans

On the show we talked about two bizzare stories including The Dolphins Strip club tailgate and the Carolina man who drank 18 beers (at least) here they are:

Miami Dolphins Strip Club

Carolina man drinks 18 beers:

And finally my top 5 and bottom 5 NFL teams:



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