Drew Brees Appears In A Video For A Group That Stands For Gay Conversion Therapy; Has To Put Out Statement..

Last week, New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees appeared in a brief video promoting “Bring your bible to school day”.

No big deal at all and glad he’s able to express his beliefs in his religion. But what is a big deal is the organization that he did the video for called “Focus For Family” is known for it’s outdated approach on the LGBTQ community. While their relevance has dipped as gay people have won more widespread acceptance in the U.S., their core views remain the same: no same-sex marriage, no same-sex adoption, etc.—you know the sort of bigots. Perhaps most heinous of Focus On The Family’s anti-gay causes is the organization’s continued support of conversion therapy, the deeply controversial idea that gay people can and should be turned straight. And for Brees to align himself with this organization is a pretty big deal.

“I want people to know that God changes people, that leaving homosexuality is a possibility, and that we should have the freedom to do so,” Focus on the Family “issues analyst” Jeff Johnston told CBS News last year, arguing against bans on conversion therapy. “The Government shouldn’t step between me and my counselor. That’s not their role.”

Pretty outdated stuff.  Brees was approached by media today as they asked what he thought about this and he looked uncomfortable:

Brees later went on Instagram and put out a long video explaining how he wasn’t aware of the groups ideologies and some are criticizing him for not going all out against them and condemning their behavior.

We’ll see what kind of backlash this receives. But for someone like Drew Brees this kind of media attention is something he was probably not looking for and nor did he expect.

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