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Larry King Divorced His Wife Because She Was Sleeping With Their Son’s Baseball Coach (Allegedly)

The other day news broke that Larry King was divorcing his 7th wife who he married when he was 63 years old and she was 37. Not to stereotype here but most of the time there is a reason a 37 year old good looking lady marries an older powerful and famous gentlemen (hint: it’s the color green). Anyways the reason for their divorce (allegedly) had to do with her sleeping with their son’s baseball coach and for trying to make him sign a will while he was in the hospital to leave her all of his money. And this is according to TMZ:

TMZ – … Larry filed for divorce Tuesday because we’re told their 2 kids came to him and urged him to divorce her. A source on Shawn’s side says only one of their children urged him to divorce her.

As for what triggered things … we’re told Shawn came to Larry’s bedside and asked him to adjust his will/trust. Sources connected to Larry say Shawn’s endgame was to get more for herself and screw the kids out of their inheritance. Sources on Shawn’s side call BS, saying the estate planning lawyer told Larry and Shawn to update the docs and when she was told he had days to live she was merely following through, but in no way tried to screw over her kids.

Even though this is the first one of Larry King’s marriages that lasted over 10 years let’s just say it wasn’t the smoothest of marriages:

LOS ANGELES – A baseball coach is claiming he scored with Larry King’s wife before her divorce filing last week and says she openly mused about the CNN anchor’s demise. and aspiring actor Hector Penate confirms his affair with King’s seventh wife, Shawn Southwick.

He said Southwick, 50, often spoke to him of her desire to divorce the 76-year-old King, and wistfully told him, “‘Don’t worry, he’s gonna die soon.’”

He claims that he vacationed with Southwick and her children with King in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and had sex in King’s bed. “We had sex in Larry’s bed a lot,” he said. “I felt like it was my house.”

So what did Larry do to get even? Well he went after his sister’s wife:

Larry King has finally decided to come clean on his dirty laundry and finally confess the truth about his secret steamy flirtation with his sister-in-law.

The now 81-year-old former CNN host admitted that he never had intercourse with his wife’s younger sister, Shannon Engemann, but he did acknowledge that other types of activities occurred. Opens a New Window.

”It was just a flirtation,” Larry insisted in an interview. However, he added, ”I never made love to her.”

“I had sex with Larry, and he bought me an expensive car Opens a New Window. ,” Engemann told a close pal at the time, referring to a $160,000 Mercedes-Benz that led to exposure of the dalliance. (Radar)

Larry King & Shawn Southwick Wedding Reception

You hate to see this kind of stuff. Why? Well, for one Larry King seemed on CNN to be such a wholesome good guy. It has to suck to find out that he’s kind of a sleazy and his wife is even sleazier. Oh well. Let’s just hope he learns his lesson and doesn’t get married for an 8th time.

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