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French Doctor Is Trying To Make History By Being First College Grad To Win Ms. Bum Bum

Have you heard of Ms. Bum Bum? It’s a competition where they crown the best “bum” in the world. Well, we haven’t heard of before now but I guess this is a real thing and a french doctor is attempting to make real world history by becoming the first doctor to ever win Ms.Bum Bum:

[Source] – “I think that if I win the contest, I will have to raise the level because I would become the first university graduate to win Miss BumBum in its history.“I have always been a model. It ran alongside my medicine studies. 

“I always dreamed of being a doctor as a child, but I also wanted to develop in other areas too which is why I decided to enter Miss BumBum.”

The beauty contest, which aims to identify the world’s best booty, was previously only held in Brazil where it originated. The first international event will take place on September 30 in Mexico City and Souza will have to compete with previous winners such as Suzy Cortez, who claimed the crown in 2015.”

You got to love the passion this doctor has. Not only will she cure your diseases but she makes sure she looks good doing it. Anyways; you are probably here for the pictures.

Imagine going to the doctor in France and having her as your doctor. Whoa.

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