Of Course Antonio Brown Had Thoughts On Pittsburgh Having Highest Hard Knock Ratings In The Country

HBO’s Hard Knocks has been a bit of a interesting watch. In my honest opinion it hasn’t been one of the best Hard Knocks and I say interesting with the knowledge of knowing that I know the plot for every episode before it airs. It’s kind of interesting because we knew AB is in the news and we knew they would talk about it so you go in with that though. And well, ratings are out and Antonio Brown’s previous market Pittsburgh is tuning in.. ALOT:

Of course Antonio Brown had something to say:

Look, AB is right. His ex is still thinking of him. But where he’s wrong it’s not a missing you feeling. They are relieved. They see how much of a train wreck Antonio Brown is and they are probably praising the lord that they don’t have to deal with his immature ass.

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