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Larry Bird Wants A Mural Of Himself Changed Because It Has Tattoo’s On It

A mural in Indianapolis has an image of Larry Bird with a bunch of Tattoos. Larry Bird has no tattoos:

[Source] – “Larry’s position is he has elevated himself from where he began to where he is now through a lot of hard work. He has developed a brand that is marketable and he needs to protect that brand,” Sallee told IndyStar. “The mural, as originally painted, was a departure from that brand.”

Well, of course some people are upset about this. Look, if Larry Bird doesn’t see himself as a tattoo guy doesn’t mean he hates tattoos or tattooed people. He just doesn’t have any tattoos! I’ve read a lot of outrage on the internet which makes no sense. But anways the artist and Larry have come to an agreement:

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