The Security Guard Ezekiel Elliot Pushed Made 14 Demands To Stay Quiet

We all know the story by now. Ezekiel Elliot pushed a security guard in Las Vegas. Anyways what’s important now is the demands the security guard gave Zeke’s attorney to stay quiet.

TMZ- Ezekiel Elliott says the security guard he pushed in a Las Vegas altercation demanded $500,000 in an attempt to extort him … this according to police docs obtained by TMZ Sports. The Dallas Cowboys star’s attorneys say they were emailed a complete list of demands from 19-year-old Kyle Johnson and his father, Kelly Johnson, after Zeke shoved Kyle at the Electric Daisy Carnival last May.

Police docs show Kelly emailed Zeke’s attorneys just days after the altercation with AT LEAST 14 things he wanted from the running back to stay quiet on the incident … including $500,000 cash.

The list of demands featured a public apology from Elliott, a press conference with Elliott and Kyle, $25,000 for the junior college football team Kyle played for, and signed jerseys from Zeke, Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott. 

You got to love the press conference with Zeke. How funny would that be. You got to give the guy an A+ for effort and trying at least.

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