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Rescue Chicken Uses Therapy Wheelchair To Learn To Walk Again (VIDEO)

Not going to lie, this is old, back from 2017, but I had to share it the moment I saw this. This is a thing these days? At first I spent time laughing, but eventually I actually started to feel for this little guy. I guess it was all worth it to watch the news story.

Source (ABC News) – Roo is an unlikely rescue pet, but thanks to the help of his adoptive family, the plucky chicken is finally starting to feel like himself again.

“I believe everything deserves a second chance at life,” said Darcy Smith, who cares for a variety of rescue animals on her ranch in Vacaville, California.

A few weeks ago, Smith said Roo was unable to walk or stand on his own after being injured during a fight with a rooster.

A specially-built therapy wheelchair allows Roo to sit up straight, relearn to walk, and eat again.


“He’s improving quite quickly,” Smith said. “I saw the chicken therapy wheelchair and knew it would help him.”

The wheelchair was ordered from a sanctuary farm in Australia, and the Smiths said they received the shipment within a few days.

Smith said she received an anonymous donation for expedited shipping for the wheelchair from one the people that follow her Facebook page, Funky Chicken, where she posts photos of the birds she has rescued.

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