Antoino Brown Being Sued By ‘Sport Chef’ For Unpaid Bill Of Nearly $40k

Just when it seemed like Antonio Brown was getting a bit normal after his weird NFL helmet grievance the news come out that a lawsuit is being filed on Antonio Brown for stiffing a celebrity chef known as ‘The Sport Chef’ for nearly 40k:

Source: Stefano Tedeschi claims that Brown stiffed him on a $38,521.20 chef’s bill from a days-long Pro Bowl party at an Orlando mansion in 2018 in a July 30 civil suit filed in Osceola County and obtained by ESPN.

What’s even weirder is that Antonio Brown’s team allegedly warned the chef not to make eye contact with the pro bowl wide receiver:

Tedeschi told ESPN that Brown would not allow him to retrieve food or equipment from the mansion after the party and that an associate of the receiver told him not to make eye contact with Brown as he left the property.

Tedeschi told ESPN he paid his staff out of pocket for their work and that he never received an explanation for the lack of payment. He also said that Brown later offered to pay him in social media advertising.

“I’ve cooked for countless NFL superstars and celebrities,” Tedeschi said. “Never once have I had one problem. My food is so good, and my mannerisms in someone’s home is second to none.”

Just another line of bizarre events by Antonio Brown.

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