The Mount Rushmore Of New York Mets

New York Mets

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The New York Mets have won two World Series Championships. Including their last one in 1986. They have had some exciting and iconic players that made their Mount Rushmore.

Mike Piazza

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Mike Piazza is one of the greatest offensive catchers in Major League baseball history and his numbers with The New York Mets help reflect that.

With the Mets, Piazza won five Silver Slugger awards. He has the highest slugging percentage in franchise history.

He never won a World Series with The Mets but his impact is felt and the story of The Mets in the 2000s cannot be told without Mike Piazza.

Tom Seaver
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Tom Seaver was really one of the greatest pitchers this game has ever seen. Tom Seaver was the first real Superstar for the New York Mets.

He won the 1967 NL Rookie Of The Year, and was one of the components that helped The Mets to finding their way to success.

Seaver won three Cy Young awards. He led the National League in wins twice, was a three-time ERA leader, and led the league in strikeouts five times. He led in two of the Triple Crown categories four times during his early run of dominance but never had all three in the same season.

Dwight “Doc” Gooden

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Dwight “Doc” Gooden came into the league at only 19 years old but that didn’t matter he was ready for The Big Leagues. Although, he was only 19 as a rookie he struck out 276 batters and had a 1.073 WHIP and finished 2nd in The Cy Young vote and won Rookie Of The Year.

As impressive as that season was, 1985 was even greater. He won the Triple Crown, posting 24 wins, an incredible 1.54 ERA, and 268 strikeouts. He won the Cy Young and finished second in the MVP vote.

Sadly, drug problems got in the way of Gooden becoming what he could have become. He never replicated the success he had in his first two seasons but still had some solid years as he was a four time All-Star in his career.

David Wright

One of the top prospects in the game in 2003 and 2004, Wright lived up to his potential from the start. He showed solid power and impressive speed for a third baseman, a true five-tool player for the heart of the Mets lineup. In 2007, his fourth season in the majors, Wright posted a 30-30 season, hitting 30 homers and stealing 34 bases. He was set to be the next Mets star.

And for some time, he was exactly that. Wright became a perennial MVP candidate, finishing in the top ten in the vote four times. He has made seven All-Star Games, won two Gold Gloves, and two Silver Slugger awards.

He was one of the best hitters in baseball and in New York Mets history.


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