Seattle Should All Give Earl Thomas The Middle Finger For What He Said About Pete Carroll

Earl Thomas has moved on from the Seattle Seahawks and The Seahawks and their fans seriously couldn’t care less. After brutally breaking his leg in September, Thomas signed with Baltimore this offseason, signing a four-year, $55 million deal with the Ravens in March. Still, he’s got some issues with the Seahawks organization that he hasn’t gotten over. Since they wouldn’t give him a new long term deal even though he was still under contract.

In a sit-down interview with Anderson, Thomas explained why he feels Carroll deserved to have the bird flipped his way, and why he still doesn’t regret doing it. Thomas felt that Carroll had been dishonest with him, prompting his actions.

He did, however, make one important distinction.”If my teammates felt like it was toward them, I regret that part,” Thomas said.

As a company ran by Seattle Seahawk fans I have not changed my notion since last season that Earl Thomas has been kind of a horrible teammate and horrible person in the organization. From making it obvious he wants to move to Dallas and talking to head coach Jason Garrett right after the game, to holding out in camp and making a big fuss about his contract, to breaking his leg and flipping off the Seahawks sideline. I think the whole city of Seattle should collectively give one giant middle finger back to Earl Thomas who went from one of the most likable Seahawks of all time to one of the most annoying entitled and annoying athletes this city has ever had.

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