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Adrian Peterson Is Dead Broke Despite Making Over $100 Million Dollars In His Career

Well we have heard stories before about athletes making millions of dollars and then going dead broke. Here is another one to add to the list:

Source: Despite earning close to $100.2 million throughout his playing career, legendary running back Adrian Peterson is swimming in debt.

The Athletic reported that AP’s mounting debt has led to legal issues. Per Daniel Kaplen, Peterson is being sued by a Pennslyvania lender for neglecting to pay back a $5.2 million loan. He’s also been named in two separate lawsuits. For one, the judge ordered AP to pay a creditor $2.4 million while he’s expected to cough up $600,000 to another creditor.

Many people today are quick to note the extravagant 30th birthday part he threw and it’s going viral again.

Source: Peterson made a list of about 320 friends and family members. He sent out invitations with an embossed signature logo. He bought his guests first-class plane tickets to Houston and booked them first-class hotel rooms.

They found a lemur available for rent and a python that would drape like a scarf over Peterson’s shoulders. They imported a troupe of snake charmers out of Dallas and world-renowned belly dancers from New York. There was an elaborate tent city in Peterson’s backyard: Moroccan couches, velvet drapes, ice sculptures bearing Peterson’s initials, imported trees and a throne on which Peterson alone would be allowed to sit. The cake designer baked a royal palace flanked by a fondant camel and elephant. Wale agreed to perform. Jamie Foxx offered his services as a DJ. In the final hours before the party, more than 100 workers rushed to set up stripper poles, a hookah bar and a cigar humidor in a tent called the Man Cave.

Seriously, go read the rest of the story about his 30th birthday. Many are blaming Peterson trusting the wrong people for the reason of going broke. Let’s just say what it is. He was dumb with his money.

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