This Is Uncle Fatty; The Monkey Who Being Fat Has Made Him Go Viral

Meet Uncle Fatty. This Some people say this picture of ‘Uncle Fatty’ the four stone monkey is proof that fruit makes you fat

The picture is undeniably disturbing: a shabby, wire-haired monkey with a stomach so bloated that it droops on the floor in front of him

According to The Daily News: 

The monkey in the picture, I discovered, shot to fame in 2017 when he was spotted by tourists on the streets of Bangkok and they posted videos on social media.

The videos instantly went viral, with more than 100,000 views.

Normally, macaques weigh about 1½ st but, according to the conservationists who later took him into care, Uncle Fatty, as he became known, weighed more than 4st.

How did he get that way?

At the time, articles written about Uncle Fatty claimed it was because he was eating discarded ‘junk food and soda’. Indeed, other pictures prove this.

In one, the podgy primate is seen downing a plastic bottle full of lurid red pop. So although he undoubtedly consumed just about anything given to him, it isn’t correct, as James Wong’s critics claimed, to say the cause of this monkey’s obesity was fruit and veg.

‘This isn’t a case of a monkey who has eaten a lot of fruit and got fat – he’s also eating cake, pop and crisps,’ explains Dr Jonathan Cracknell, director of Cracknell Wildlife and Veterinary Services.

‘Macaques in Bangkok are often fatter because they are left on the side of the street for tourists to feed them rubbish, or given treats such as Smarties, to encourage them to perform.’

The monkey in the picture shot to fame in 2017 when he was spotted by tourists on the streets of Bangkok and they posted videos on social media

A monkey needs only to consume 350 calories a day. So for them, supermarket-bought fruit would be relatively high in calories â?? a large banana, for instance, contains about 100 calories

So whatever, maybe the fruit didn’t make this monkey fat. But in general a photo of a monkey like this must be shared. He’s gone viral before and I think it’s his time to go viral again.

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