16. Hansie Cronje Cricket Scandal

The Year: 2000

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Hansie Cronje was an international South African cricket here throughout the 1990s. But during the time he was intentionally losing and he was even asking his teammates to lose as well. Why?

So he could proft from match-fixing as he was betting on games and being paid to lose.

Cronje’s dirty deals were exposed in 2000, and a number of other cricketers were also caught and banned from the game.

Cronje was still one of the best cricket players in the game after his ban. However tradegy struck and Cronje died in a plane crash two years later after being banned from the game that made him famous.

Hansie was a national hero in his country of South Africa but the cricket match-fixing scandal turned him from a national hero to a national disgrace.

Cronje accepted money from bookmakers and says his “great passion of the game and for my team-mates” was matched by “an unfortunate love of money”.


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