James Conner Said Doctor Told Him He Had A Week Left When He Was Diagnosed In 2015

Most NFL and sports fans know the story about James Conner. While he was in college he was diagnosed with Hodgin’s Lymphoma in college after tests which were supposed to be helping deal with his torn ACL. 6 Months later he was cancer free and put up almost 1400 yards from scrimmage with 20 touchdowns. Then he got drafted in the 3rd round of the NFL draft and so far has had an amazing career with The Pittsburgh Steelers having almost 1,000 yards last year and 500 reviving yards despite missing 3 games. But, on a podcast with rapper Mike Stud he told the story of how close it all was to never being.

CBS- It’s known that Steelers running back James Conner had an uplifting story in his fight against cancer back in college, but new details about the initial diagnosis reveal just how serious the situation was at the time.

Conner joined Michael Seander (hip-hop artist Mike Stud) on his podcast recently and provided some new information about the day in 2015 when he was told he had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. According to Conner, the cancer was caught during tests that were supposed to be helping his knee treatments, as the Pitt star was dealing with a torn MCL at the time. Conner said the doctor said he wouldn’t have survived long if the disease was not found around Thanksgiving of 2015.

“He said you got about a week if you didn’t get this treated,” Conner recalled. “You had about a week, at the rate it was growing.”

Wow. I mean we all know how bad cancer is and how scary it can be. Literally cancer sucks. He was 7 days from a tragic turn and turned it around to this:

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Way to go James Conner. An inspirational story and as always you got to just “never give up”.

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