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Watch This US Coast Guard Make A Dramatic Drug Bust Worth $181 Million

If there was ever something considered a “boss move,” this would be it…  The U.S. Coast Guard intercepted a homemade submarine and seized a cocaine haul worth at least $181 million off the coast of Mexico. Thats a lot of cocaine… Making it the biggest bust of it’s kind in the history of the Coast Guard.

It was a 40 foot half-submarine half-boat that ended up in the Pacific Ocean 200 miles south of Mexico. The four smugglers were all arrested and there were 275 bales of cocaine seized. Making the seize worth nearly $180 million… On June 16, the Stratton busted another semi-submersible carrying 5,460 pounds of cocaine, the Coast Guard said.


“Every interception of these semi-submersibles disrupts transnational organized crime networks and helps increase security and stability in the Western Hemisphere,” Coast Guard Vice Admiral Charles W. Ray, commander of the Pacific area, said in a statement.

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