Megan Rapinoe Delivers Message During World Cup Parade Speech

Megan Rapinoe has been an enigma to say the least. Many are outraged by her constant chatter and disrespect towards The President of the United States Donald Trump. And she had two main messages during her speech in New York celebrating the World Cup championship.

“We have to be better. Love more. Hate Less

And she also added:

We have to listen more and talk less.

Whatever side you stand on The Megan Rapinoe debate the 2nd message is a bit ironic considering she has spoken quite a bit during this World Cup run and post World Cup run. But that’s beside the point. Here are some of the best moments from her speech yesterday including what we have to admit was a pretty epic entrance:

One part we can’t deny we loved was at the end where she gave New York City a shoutout:

The World Cup winner ended her speech by giving a shout-out to New York City to raucous applause: “New York City, you’re the mother fu*cking best!”

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