Major League Baseball Will Be Tinkering With A Radical Rule Change This Summer

Alright do you know baseball? If you do, how many ways can you steal first base? Well, that answer could be changing soon. Because the MLB is tinkering with it in The Atlantic League this summer.

Major League Baseball will allow hitters in the Atlantic League to steal first base in the second half of the Atlantic League season, according to the Washington Post.

Just to be clear, this change is not coming to MLB during the second half. It’s coming to only the Atlantic League.

That is significant as MLB is connected to the Atlantic League. The two leagues partnered together in February. For MLB, the partnership is all about testing radical ideas to see how they impact baseball. If any of those ideas stick, MLB could consider adopting them in the future.

As how will this work? Well according to the Washington Post here is how it would work:

In the second half of the season, the league will allow batters to steal first base: Any pitch on any count not caught in flight will be considered a live ball, and a batter may run to first base, similar to a dropped third strike.

This is interesting. But also, a weird little twist. Imagine Ichiro in his prime on a pitch in the dirt running to 1st with a runner on third base as well. It would really get the game in motion. However, the game has been played like this for over a 100 years. And I am not quite sure if I am ready for this type of mayhem.


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