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Video: Former Seahawk Fights Cop After Being Tased In Gas Station

Malik McDowell was a 2nd round pick in the NFL draft by The Seattle Seahawks but he has not had a great start to his career. He actually has never played a game in the NFL after getting in an ATV accident and now this incident at a gas station in Michigan he probably will never play a game in the league.

As video at TMZ shows, once they were in the shop, the officer continued to try to stop McDowell. Both the cop and McDowell struggled in the store and he had to warn McDowell several times. And this led to a full fight where McDowell was tasted and had to by be detained by two cops.

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Later it was revealed he had a blood alcohol level of .189 or more than twice the legal limit. Pretty scary stuff. As a Seattle Seahawk fan I had given up on ever seeing McDowell play for The Seahawks but now I am almost certain the kid needs real help and most likely will never play in the league.

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