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The NBA Is Allowing In-Game Coach’s Challenges & It Sounds Awfully Dumb

We all know the NBA is the best basketball in the world, and its sport that has been growing and is clearly loved all around the world. While many of the main aspects of the sport is loved, there has been an outcry due to the sport becoming “soft” and the games dragging on too long. The reason the games drag on is due to replays, reviews, and and foul calls. We saw this at the end of the NBA Finals, the moment was nearly completely ruined due to review and replay:

So what did the NBA do to fix this? NOTHING. They actually are adding more replay. Taking a play out of the NFLs handbook, they will now accept coaches challenges at the end of games for a various type of plays.

We don’t have all the details of many challenges they get, or if certain scores will exclude it from being available. What we do know is… There is no reason to make this a flag system and I truly hope they do not.

The last thing we need is for NBA games to last MORE THAN 5 hours a night… Let’s go back to normal basketball and less reviews, I think we will be better off.

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