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Megan Rapinoe Being Furious About Men’s Final Scheduling Is Completely Delusional

Megan Rapinoe is now considering Sunday to be the final insult to her this summer. Why? Just a few hour afters The Women’s World Cup final on Sunday where the United State’s Women will play versus The Netherlands; Brazil or Peru will celebrate winning the Copa America, South America’s men’s championship. And then at night, the United States or Mexico will win the CONCACAF Gold Cup, the men’s title of North and Central America and the Caribbean. And Megan Rapinoe is not happy about it at all.

For many Sunday is a welcoming a TV triple championship viewing pleasure but for Megan Rapinoe she think’s its a disrespectful to the Women’s World Cup.

“It’s ridiculous, and disappointing, to be honest,” said Rapinoe, the star American midfielder.

Megan Rapinoe added:

“I don’t really understand why there’s such a resistance against going all-in on women,” Rapinoe said. “I think it’s pretty clear women in sport have not been treated with the same care and financing and all of that that men’s sports has.”

Megan Rapinoe

FIFA however says three finals on one day would boost viewing for all:

“The scheduling of the different events has gone through a comprehensive consultancy process, which has involved all key stakeholders and taken into account different aspects of the women’s and men’s international match calendars,” the governing body said in a statement. “It is a rare and exciting occurrence.”

FIFA probably didn’t do this to divide to be frank. Megan Rapinoe is absolutely delusional if she thinks that FIFA is going to make her happy rather than worry about financial profits. This is just another example of her dividing rather than uniting during a time where this World Cup and this Women’s team is one of the most talented and fun to watch team in Women’s soccer history. From her comments about going to the “f*cking white house”, to this example of just plain delusion, she’s getting ridiculous. We all love this women’s team, and we all will tune in. So go USA. But let’s leave the politics and gender equality nonsense out of tomorrow.

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