BREAKING: Kawhi Leonard To Sign With The Los Angeles Clippers

In Kawhi Leonard fashion, we get our answer we’ve been waiting for, on da 6 of NBA free agency. Oh yeah, and at 11:15pm PST on a Friday night, so much for enjoying the weekend. The Los Angeles Clippers… Not the Lakers, not the team he just won a championship with in Toronto… He chose the little brother in LA.

Kawhi Leonard has had no trouble winning where ever he has been. NBA Champion and Finals MVP both as a member of the San Antonio Spurs and the Toronto Raptors. It looks like he wants to do it again. Sorry to the Lakers and Raptors for missing out, but the board man has made his decision.

As wild as this night already is with Kawhi signing… He got his running mate in LA already. Oklahoma City Thunder star, Paul George. Thats right, after his second year in OKC Paul George is parting ways with Russell Westbrook and demanded a trade from the Thunder.

The Clippers will be sending a record breaking amount of draft picks, along with two key players to get this done. The Thunder get a lot in return even when they had their hands tied. There are two powerhouse teams in Staples Center now… buckle up.

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