Brits Whining About Alex Morgan’s Tea Sip Celebration Show Why We Declared Independence

Alex Morgan scored a goal on her 30th birthday yesterday and I am pretty sure everyone in the United States who is reading this has saw her celebration but in case you live under a rock here you go.

So yeah, seems simple. Alex Morgan scores a goal in The World Cup SEMI FINALS against England on her 30th birthday and decided to take a little shot at England and sip tea. Well, if we have learned anything over the years is that England and The Brits are sensitive about tea (Boston Tea Party) anyone? Of course they complained and called this “distasteful”.

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In case anyone was wondering if we are regretting our decision from 1776 to go Independent from Great Britain. We’re not. Keep whining about celebrations mocking your precious tea Lianne. We beat you in the revolutionary war and now we beat you at your own precious soccer game. So let’s drink to that.


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